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SCRABBLE: The Power Of Repetition

Repetition is powerful . . . but while it can be a GOOD thing, it can also be a BAD thing. How often have you heard something like this said about ‘bad habits’: “If you always do the things you’ve always done, you’ll always get the things that you’ve always gotten”?

Enjoy a sedentary life style and become a cushy couch potato.

Use exercise equipment improperly and risk hurting yourself.

Exercise regularly and properly to improve your health and stay in shape.

The same is true for wannabe competitive scrabble players. Continue to use the same old bad habits or weak habits and you’ll always get the same poor results.

Considering that the power is just sitting there waiting for you, why not choose to do the right things in order to achieve the skills? The correct path begins with you discovering the exercises that are efficient and productive . . . and then using a system of spaced repetition, over time, to build a word and strategy arsenal.


Tools you should know: Whiz Cards – Scrabble 101 – Zyzzyva

Simply owning the correct tools and lists is not enough. One must do the proper exercises and repeated them at regular intervals in order to make a difference.

The most important ingredient of all is ATTITUDE.

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